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System Software

System Software

BLRLABS provides system wide solutions which covers wide range of hardware and software requirements. BLRLABS’s Product Engineering Services team combines cutting-edge software services and system level design for product development of the highest quality, efficiency and innovation. The team brings decades of experience for several customers across globe offering a wide range services and expertize in telecom, networking, consumer electronics and automotive domains.

BLRLABS service portfolio spans from product requirement, architecture and design, development, system integration, testing and validation and after market support.

Expertize across domains

  • Application development for Linux, RTOS, Android and custom firmwares
  • Middle-ware software for multimedia, protocol stack, system management
  • Device drivers for connectivity, storage, network, multimedia and sensors
  • Platform adaptations for boot-loader, OS, processor and platform architectures
  • System-wide power management
  • Software optimization for foot-print, timings and KPIs/benchmarks