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IoT Services

IOT Service Models

Custom Design Solutions We build and deliver solutions designed around your specific business goals using our insights across technologies and industries as well as expertise across practice areas that span strategy, design and development and post production.

Idea to Proof of Concept

Translating great idea into proven concept requires agile technology partners. We offer technology consulting and development services to validate idea with mock-up products, applications and data simulations. The blueprints approach ensures our customer for building successful product.

Chassis, Parts and Assembly

We understand realizing your connected product service be achieved by Co-Creating with ecosystem partners. Be it designing your product framework, sub-systems that add value or anchoring the solution development as system integrator you entrust on BLRLABS.

Market Segments

  • Health Care
  • Smart City
  • Retail


  • Sensors
  • Wireless
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud
  • Data analytics
  • Biz Intelligence
  • Mobile
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Applications